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There is hardly an event in your life in which such minute detail goes into like your wedding. Everything from seating to color coordination is taken into effect. And in ensuring that everything is running smoothly and flawlessly, you want to be able to count on your transportation to give you a ride that is as accountable as it is aesthetically pleasing. At Clearwater Limo Service, we strive to give you perfection on your wedding day, and to add nothing but another level of beauty.
Personalized Wedding Limousine in Clearwater, FL
  1. Perfectly Planned -  Our chauffeurs take the time ahead of your wedding to memorize your entire itinerary, always ensuring that you have your transportation there the minute you need it. We endeavor to have it so well planned out, that there isn't a second in your day where you need to wait. We know that your planning has taking a lot of time and effort to get everything absolutely right, and we aim to give you another sense of reliability on your day of days. We never want to see a bride to be, or groomsman waiting around for their ride on this special occasion.
  2. A Beautiful Addition - We aim to deliver a limousine that adds to your memorable day, with a sense of beauty and a touch of elegance. We ensure that our limousine will be in perfect running condition and perfectly detailed inside and out. We want you to have a vehicle worthy of embracing a white gown and leaving nothing but memory behind. Your day is planned out to be a day of magic and memory and Clearwater Limo Service aims to give you nothing but additional memories when it comes to seeing your chariot awaiting. You will never have to worry about the condition of our cars on your beautiful day.
  3. Intimate Interiors - Whether on the way to the ceremony or to the reception afterward our vehicles are designed for intimacy and romance. Whether the new couple heading to their reception, or the groomsmen or bridesmaids heading to the actual ceremony. You will find our cars spacious, comfortable and roomy. We aim to give you not only a mode of transportation, but an experience on your wedding day. Giving you a mode of transportation that can live up to the memorable nature of your entire wedding day. You can trust Clearwater Limo Service to give you nothing but an expectation exceeding service.
  4. For The New Couple- When your day is all said and done, and your ceremony and reception have passed, it will be a time to reflect on the days events. To see your newly wed significant other and imagine what your lives will be like from here on out. During this time, you can instruct your chauffeur to simply tour Clearwater, and allow you to soak in the moment. Stop by the beach, watch the stars, and think of everything you have to look forward to in your new lives together. And from our service to you, congratulations. -

Wedding Party Bus Rental & Limo Packages

Our VIP Wedding Packages Include:

  • Red Carpet Treatment
  • Uniformed Chauffeur
  • Wedding Decorations
  • Coordinated Napkin Colors
  • "Just Married" Sign & Banners
  • Chilled Bottle of Champagne
  • Cold Water, Soda, Mixers and Ice.

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